Ep. 3 Extras: Art by MyObscureImaginarium

MyObscureImaginarium, aka Nyx, is 22 years old and lives in a small town in Denmark. When she is not drawing Snape she is studying to get a degree in digital design. She works in tech support. In Episode 3 her artwork and love for Snape is discussed.

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A bust of the Professor in celebration of Snape appreciation month. Beware! He’s using legilimency to figure out the shenanigans of which you are guilty! 

Teaching the Dunderheads

Severus teaching the dunderheads about the Draught of Living Death. He is obviously including the corrections he made to the original recipe.

Potion Enthusiast

I have wanted to draw him with a smile for a long time. But what would make him smile?

He loves to experiment, and when making a discovery he cannot stop himself from smiling. A big, lopsided smile that does not suit his face in the slightest – which he knows.

A Plant Left in the Dark

Severus dreads going inside. He can hear their raised voices

The Vindictive Bat of the Dungeons

Professor Snape always makes sure to use his most threatening smirk and Vindictive-Bat-of-the-Dungeons persona when inviting an inadequate student to his office. Especially when their latest homework earned a measly T.

Belonging at a Great Price

Young, radicalized, and foolish Severus Snape just received his Dark Mark. He is euphoric from the feeling of pride and acceptance.

When older and wiser, he is ashamed by still finding himself tempted by the feeling of belonging. Even though it came at a great price.

Severus Seeking Solace

After a particularly trying day, Severus likes to curl up in bed and seek solace in his Hogwarts acceptance letter. Dreaming of his bright future as a brilliant wizard with many magical friends.

Severus does not have much. So he treasures all of his little trinkets placed on his windowsill. His mother’s old school books (which Severus have read multiple times and inserted a few notes in), two marbles, an old gobstone (which does not work anymore. It was the gobstone that helped Eileen win her final tournament), the Snape’s only family photo (Severus is still unsure whether he will take it to Hogwarts), a tin soldier, a mug for his pencils, and a rather expensive owl plushie from Lily

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