Ep. 19 Extras: Snape Good, Bad, or Grey?

We discuss various events in Snape’s life and decide if they’re Good, Bad, Grey, or N/A

EventGood GreyBadN/A
Watched girls with “greed”x
Befriended Lily, told her about magicx
Made branch fall on Petunia –?x(d)x
Disdain for Mugglesx
Friends with Lily most of schoolx
Fascinated with Dark Artsx
Called Lily a Mudbloodx
Laughed at housemate’s pranksx
Became a Death Eaterx
Relayed prophecy to Voldemortx
Asked Voldemort to spare Lilyx
Asked Dumbledore to protect Lilyx
– And didn’t include James and Harryxx
Pledged to do “anything” for DDx
Spied for the Orderx
Is a very sarcastic personx
Was a hardass teacherx
Bullied Neville, Trevor?xx(d,m)
Insulted Hermione, hurts her feelingsxx(d,m)x
Bullied Harryx
Protected Harry multiple timesx
– PS Quidditchx
– CoS watched for Harry & Ronx
Taught Harry Expelliarmusx
– PoA goes to Shrieking Shackx
Making Woldsbane for Lupinx
“Outing” Lupinx
Sprinting to 4th floor in his nightshirtx
– GoF goes back to spy on V/mortx
– OoP gives Umbitch fake veritaserumx
Tried to teach Harry occlumencyx
Unbreakable vowx
Saved DD, slowed cursex
Killed Dumbledorex
and saved Draco’s soulx
Stopped Harry being crucio’dx
As Headmaster protected studentsx
Delivered Sword to Harryx
Doesn’t tell Vmort about wands real masterx
Gives Harry memoriesx

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