Ep. 16 Extras: Art by Suffer-My-Displeasure

Suffer-my-displeasure, aka Tinni, is an artist from Reykjavík, Iceland. Her real life job is in healthcare, working with Covid patients. She’s been creating and sharing digital art since 2008, and doing Snape-specific art since 2016. In Episode 16, we discuss her creative process, her amazing Snape art as seen below, Louboutin boots, and Snevor.

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Reference book in hand, Snape stirs a glowing cauldron in a dark room. the glow of the cauldron illuminates his face from below, as a couple of candles float in the air. The whole is done in shades of green.

Snape Finds out About the Snapedom

In this series of pictures, Snape accidentally discovers that he has fans online. At first, he shields himself from the laptop, but then he flees, eventually tripping and falling. In the last frame he looks up from the floor with a bemused expression.

Gathering Potion Ingredients

Young (?) Snape’s head begins to emerge from a lily pond. In his hand is a jar full of a potion ingredient

Shh Snape is Sleeping

At the end of a party Severus snoozes on a couch, in sunglasses and thigh-high Louboutin boots.
Where is he? Where did he get such expensive tastes?

Quiet Night

Snape watches the snow fall out the window. “A quiet Christmas eve spent beside a cauldron fire with snow falling outside is all the gift I need” – from HPHM.


Severus is driving with Minerva riding shotgun, driving either into sunrise or sunset. Minerva looks smug and Snape is trying hard not to sneer.

Potion Master Preparing the Mandrakes

This shows Snape in a colorful greenhouse grasping a mandrake, he just pulled from the pot. He is wearing a green labcoat, earmuffs, and a look of intense concentration. Created ofr November for @snalendar-snofficial 2020.


Severus in the moonlight, which shines on healed scars on his neck. He also has short hair, does that signify a new beginning?


A painting of the Snape and Trevor the Toad

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